Advice for Parents

So your child can benefit the most from their lessons, please ensure:
  • They are properly Equipped: coat, salopettes, mittens, goggles, sunscreen, handkerchiefs
  • Mark their clothes and skis, so your child can identify them
  • Do not stay for their lesson and challenge your child during class 
  • Inform us of any health problems or allergies for your child
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly advised for children on the slopes
  • Let the instructors decide on any change of class
  • Your child is on holiday and the main goal is to make it fun so they have the desire to come back. Then, allow them to progress at their pace without pressure (do not try and make them a champion before they are ready!) 


For the smooth operation of the lessons we ask you to respect the following rules:
  • Being equipped with a current card or ticket for private of group lessons
  • Present to the instructor at the start of each lesson the ticket for the corresponding day and time
  • Each lesson card is given per person
  • Don't be late for the start of the lesson, group or individual: delays are included in the lesson
  • Be equipped with a lift pass for the lessons
  • Be properly equipped and insured. 
Conditions of sale :
  • The ESF do not accept liability for any property or personal accidents that may occur to students
  • The ESF reserves the right to cancel or combine courses if the number is less than 5 people.
  • Weather conditions, breakdowns of mechanical lifts or any other accidents not attributable to the ESF that result in postponement or cancellation will not be refunded or compensated.
  • The ESF does not insure students, so we advise you take out winter sport insurance cover.